FutureM - September 12 - 16, 2011
Socializing B2B - Industrial Marketing and Social Media
The social media system of content, web services, social network infrastructure and tools are transforming B2B marketing. Bentley Professor Pierre Berthon and CMT Research Fellow Philip DesAutels provide a processual model of B2B commerce that defines how social media is changing the future of marketing and the implications for industrial buyers and sellers. A panel of industry luminaries including Gus Weber of Dogpatch Labs, Michael Lewis of Epsilon and Andrew Soucy of Fleishman-Hillard will join the panel to offer opinion and predictions from the perspective of the entrepreneur, the corporation and the digital marketer.

Ian Cross, Bentley CMT Director will lead panel and audience participation to expand the ongoing research through interactive questions and responses during the event. The session will be co-sponsored with Dogpatch Labs, (1 Cambridge Center, 6th Floor).

• Social media creatively destroys the old world of B2C commerce and changes the rules of marketing and commerce.
• B2B sellers and buyers use social media in greater numbers than B2C today, but the basic rules of commerce have not changed.
• Future B2B commerce demands that the business model must change and alter the dynamic between the forces of Push and Pull.
• B2B marketing will integrate online and social media efforts to compliment rather than replace offline efforts.
• Future marketers must create a marketing strategy that blends offline, online and social media in a unified whole.
• Berthon and DesAutels propose a new processual model of B2B commerce providing marketers with a framework for analysis through which buyers and sellers can better evaluate social media’s role in B2B commerce.
• This framework leads to greater understanding of the social media and digital marketing context that will enable businesses to evaluate which tools to use, for what purpose and better align them with their business goals.

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